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Yoga Nidra – Know it? You should!

If you are like me, during that work week – you are rockin and rollin. You have your day, your schedule and most importantly you have your yoga or work out schedule dialed IN! You know who is teaching where, what classes you are going to hit when, you KNOW! exactly what you are going…

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CBD Cabbage Crunch

Coming off an amazing SPRING EQUINOX RETREAT weekend at our new Vermont home base at The Summit Lodge in Killington Vermont This salad and educational afternoon about the health benefits of CBD, how it is curated and produced with the folks at Luce Farm is always a hit! Simple, satisfying, easy to make ahead and…

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5 Reasons WHY I drink Salt Water SOLE

There is a lot of advice out there on how to stay healthy these days.  So many miracle cures to whatever ails you.  And I have tried a lot of them over the years – trust me! From drinking olive oil and lemon juice to mashed up stems and berries…  The one thing that has made…

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