When you join us at TRUE NORTH, you will laugh, learn, loosen up and then laugh some more!

Join us for adventure, wellness, weight loss or some of everything and walk away with more than you could ever imagine – a new community.

Liz Patnode and TRUE NORTH’s dedicated staff are here to encourage and support you. We are all local and experts in our designated health and wellness fields and wholly dedicated to being part of a high vibration, totally FUN and conscious environment. The personal connections among staff and guests is what makes TRUE NORTH such an amazing experience.

We have such a good time that returning guests make up 15-50% of each new adventure. Over the past seven years this has created an incredible community. We can’t wait to have you be part of this community too! Never say goodbye... just see you next time!!


THANK YOU for such an exciting experience. I am still reminiscing about all that I learned and took in while at the retreat. It’s one of those experiences that plants roots, flourishes, and stays with you long after it’s over. I would LOVE to go to Maui, but my hubby might kill me if I leave him with the kids again so soon – lol! I am interested in booking for fall next year, so as soon as you have the dates, let me know! I am also trying to recruit some other girls to join.
Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for everything you do. It’s been an honor to get to know you !
WW – Summer 2017 Guest
Thanks for the follow up retreat info & resources!
I had a fantastic time. Just love you and the team you have put together! I feel so fortunate to have you and your calming positive she energy in my life.
This is the first time in a long time that I have returned from a vacation so energized. I still feel the glow. The combination of clean eating, Bikram and hiking also really helped a few chronic aches I have.  I plan on returning and hope some of the gang will join me.
Thank you so much for all you  & your team do!
Pam – VT Summer 2017 Guest

What an amazing enlightening retreat.. All the extras ( massage, reiki, acupuncture, SRT, meditation classes, variety of yoga, the hiking) that you introduced were life changing… PS.. miss you cooking for me badly..

A. – VT Sept, 2017 guest 

I feel so grounded. Calm. This week has been incredible. Thank you and your staff for everything, for holding space for us to have such an incredible time. See you in Hawaii in February!

AB – VT September 2017 guest

If you cooked for me everyday I for sure could be a vegan – lol. I feel amazing.

RM – VT September 2017 guest

Your food brings tears to my eyes…. in a good way – it is so amazing.

RW – VT September 2017 guest

Feel alive! Join us for an active, healthy total wellness adventure.

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