Easy Spring cleaning …? ME Please

By now,  this time of year, it is pretty clear why we all, including myself, feel the need to press the digestion/metabolism reset button and are desperately trying to figure out how without bringing our busy schedules to a total halt. Overindulgence post holiday rush, chronic stress that piles up, feelings of fatigue or sluggishness,…

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Cold pressing.. what? JUICE! Why is that so important?

So… I just had the best weekend ever That included some serious Vermont adventures, YOGA at BIKRAM YOGA MENDON, mountain biking, a day watching the kids at a horse show, some river jumping, and well good old hanging on the porch chatting COLD PRESSED JUICING! I know – call me crazy but I have the best…

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Cold Pressed Cocktails?… Mmmm YES PLEASE ;)

Ummm so, we had a bit of fresh juice and produce left over from the studio wide juice-a-thon last week so.. what we did was a little bit of experimenting (!) with these recipes below which were developed by Ari Sexner is a classically trained chef who has worked at some of the finest dining restaurants…

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