Meditation & The Energy of Attraction

Everywhere and everyone you know – the buzz word is meditation. You are hearing more and more about the energy of attraction. The enthusiasm to start a practice in one – to create the other – however, comes and goes – I get it.  We hit pockets where we are on our game and in the flow, and then others where it seems as if we have hit brick walls.

One thing that I do know is that joining forces, doing things in numbers, being part of a group helps everything, including when you need a  kick start to your ( new or existing)  a meditation practice – breaking through any kind of brick wall that has formed for or around you.

MONDAY! Deepak and Oprah start another 21 day FREE meditation. These on line group meditations have been so powerful for me, always get me back on track –  I wanted to share. I want you do this with with me!


In this 21 day series Oprah and Depak will remind us:  Our perception of the world is filtered by what we believe. True empowerment comes only when we release the beliefs that are holding us back so we can embrace all possibilities for manifesting our best life.

In this dose of wisdom, they will share how meditation allows us to transcend beyond our beliefs to access the field of possibilities and the power of intention.  Listen more below and then click the link to join me.


Join me  MONDAY on this 21 day journey – its FREE.