Yoga Nidra – Know it? You should!

If you are like me, during that work week – you are rockin and rollin. You have your day, your schedule and most importantly you have your yoga or work out schedule dialed IN! You know who is teaching where, what classes you are going to hit when, you KNOW! exactly what you are going to get and when… and BTW – don’t surprise me with a new class in MY slot cuz… yep, we don’t have time to experiment and god forbid, miss a work out! LOL..

Yea, I know. Predictability – in your work out – is the most important ingredient in being able to check out and actually enjoy it. When you are on retreat however, how cool is it that you actually have TIME to do that and try a few new yoga or fitness classes you have’t tried before… , yeah – experiment with what your body needs?? interesting concept – actually – Pretty cool.

YOGA NIDRA – was one of those classes that I was always so curious about but not able to fit into my daily routine.. I didn’t want to risk my hour of me time to try… it? Until I brought it to retreat.. and for good reason. I/we/ all need it – and what an awesome space to try it!

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Learn more about our IN HOUSE Yoga Nidra Instructor,  who will be with us this July – and the inspiration she found after trying something new, YOGA NIDRA,  HERE! on retreat just a few years ago. We are so excited to have her back as part of our team. If you have not booked your trip to join us later this month do – we have a few spaces left for YOU! BOOK NOW – private, share and group rooms – bring a crew!



I discovered Yoga Nidra on a True North Yoga retreat a few years ago. I didn’t know what to expect, but when the session was complete, I sat up with an overwhelming sense of clarity.

It was as though my “yoga high” from the Bikram session earlier in the day had been tempered and sharpened. I hadn’t lost any of it, I simply felt more attuned to myself than ever before.

The feeling lasted the rest of the day and I partook in the practice several more times over the course of the week.

A few months later I learned that the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health was offering a Yoga Nidra teacher training and immediately signed up. In April 2017 I had the pleasure of attending an in-depth six day intensive that taught me how to guide a successful class, and the science behind how and why it works.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this experience and I hope to share this amazing practice with as many people as possible. I AM SO EXCITED TO COME BACK AND SHARE IT WITH ALL OF YOU ON RETREAT! If you have not signed up yet – do. It was a life changing time for me, to step back, find a new path, reconnect with the group that was there too! SEE YOU SOON!