TUESDAY TIP! Portable produce – Plant based meals you can hang onto!

So, so many moons ago when I started my plant based diet adventure, I remember so clearly how amazing I started to feel when I took out just a few of the items that were bringing me down – bread was a big one!! But then I was left with the question and the feeling at lunch, I really just wanted something to hold onto. A container, a wrap that wouldn’t drag me down, that would allow me to feel as light and full of energy as I wanted to. You know what I mean? No more burritos or big bread sandwiches – those weren’t really options. The Gluten free items, not taste-worthy, not even appealing.

Over the years I’ve gotten really creative with plant based items and being on the go – so in a series of PORTABLE PRODUCE TIPS, I want to share with you the first of many, plant based meals you can hang onto – and take with you on the go! You got it, this one, maybe my favorite a wrap you really want to sink your teeth into and that is GOOD FOR YOU!

This wonderful company www.rawwraps.org Is just outstanding download-2

Imagine a tortilla that is: 6 or less ingredients. Raw Wraps are vegan, raw, paleo awesomeness with no added sugar and no gluten. Each wrap loaded with superfoods to fuel your body and mind. I love them already – I know you will too!

In using your Raw Wrap Here’s a TIP!

1. Layer some greens first
2. Add your wrap contents next
** This way you’ll be sure to keep in all in tact and not have a soggy wrap!

*Organic butter lettuce – becauase it is pliable – the best green for wraps
*Wild rice and quinoa combo
*tomato, avocado, red onion and a drizzle
*Drizzle this on top: Creamy Herb Vinaigrette: 3 T EVOO, 2 T Rice Wine Vinn, 2 T veganaise, basil, salt & black pepper to taste! BLEND*
*Fold in the corners, and then roll that baby up!
*Slice in half and start getting excited about lunch!