Looking for a dose of Lifestyle Medicine? We’ve got it!

Just recently I was having a conversation with a friend. She mentioned her situation, what she had been dealing with at work, at home, how she was feeling the stress of handling… She said she had finally gone to the doctor – looking for a solution. His response…. well,..I would like to tell you something different but, you are, really just tired. You need a new connection. You must, unplug, disconnect, get back to —– and I responded before she had a chance, with a little “lifestyle medicine?”

Yep – we’ve all been there. If I want to be honest I have been there more often than most. I live in wellness I guess to balance the excitement I have to keep going strong 😉 – I like my girlfriend, grew up with the habbit of stressing, a need to keep giving. Its a pattern she and I, and I bet you can relate to — We dig deeper, we have a second ( or third) cup of coffee – we say, lets deal with this later. shelf it — am I Right? Yes, until your body says no more – your eyes simply close at a stop light, your brain gets a little foggy, your muscles stiffen – feel heavy, it creeps up… confused, someone reminds you – oh yeah.. its been building up. This didn’t come on yesterday!

So what to do? The ever going, no stopping, the email inbox is NEVER emptying – no more 5 day work weeks, fewer family vacations where you can’t be reached. No, no we don’t want pills, its not in a single smoothie or a massage while hearing the txt messages click through –  What we need is – totally opposite of what we know; a slow and steady, yeah… let me say again, slow and steady – reboot. The concept of self care we are not quite sure about.. Realizing it is time, its time to start at the beginning and moreover understand this is the new mandatory way of living.

At True North like to call it – lifetime medicine, conscious re-energizing – Adopting a practice of it, which means you are never done, there is no race to the end. Its one step at a time to enjoy where you are and slowly enrich it. Shut down, step back, give yourself permission to take a break and reboot and CHOOSE how we want to be living. Work less and achieve more – We must believe that it is actually true. Yes, we’ll help you.

HOW? Well, awareness is the first step. Then what will work for you, what are you needing. The answer is in sitting. Begin with 5 minutes of heart centered meditation in the morning, which if you are not sure what that is, simply sit in silence and get connected to YOU. It will work – even if you are not sure how. The excuses come – that doesnt happen, just close of your eyes on the sidelines, shut your phone off at 8:00pm – simply don’t respond until the morning – pick your thing – but start something little, little, little silly things, not seeming like they will do anything – but yes, these things, these moments build on each other & they will, keep you going.

When you are on retreat – we help you with that. We’ll give you a big dose, kick start you out of the slump you may be in, pump it into high gear. We are a space, a community to simply chill if you are already on track feeling awesome! Strength in numbers I say – and who doesn’t want to hang with people that think the same way!?! We are a place to get back to all of the good things you once had at your finger tips, a place to find a few things that your body/mind/now lifestyle may not know about yet, a place where on your way home you will hear yourself saying – that was the best vacation yet!

On retreat  you will come alive tapping into the true elements of – YES – BIG DOSE OF LIFESTYLE MEDICINE; gourmet plant based nutrition, movement & adventure, interactive education, the stellar silence of nature, peace of daily meditation, laughter & joy of connected community interaction. 100% rebalancing. Is it the same every time? No way – BUT, whatever your body needs, at that moment, we promise you will find just that!

Situated in the most breathtaking locations, experience comfortable luxury, transform the quality of your health by ….. yes, accessing your own intuition.

Our goal is to help you return to a life free from stress, dis-ease & needless pain.


Welcome back.

Welcome to your True North.

Its time to feel amazing again!