THE POWER OF AN ALTAR – Lets create one for you!

When I moved East, I left behind a most amazing West coast yoga community, my studio, my friends, my family, my side of the universe (and country) literally….. I landed in a tiny town, the middle of the mountains and the universe said, well …recreate me – lol… so I did. I am now surrounded by the most amazing yoga studio and community of YOU.

It was not until lately, however, I realized something.. what is it, something critical was still missing.

My altar, a sacred space to settle.

Now…What is an Altar and what do you use it for you ask?

Well this is a loaded question because in my youth, and maybe your’s too,  it was totally tied to fear and a ‘have to’ – church you know – right? Damnation and if you don’t well you better… all of that negative connotation that misdirected power can offer. In harnessing that power however, redirecting it into a positive form – basically taking the same energy and switching its frequency, an altar can become quite a good power!!

So, lets look at it like this. An altar is simply a space, private to you, where you can go and feel safe, tap into your inner guide, & connect with universal truths – your TRUE  ( and positive) YOU. Your altar can be any place and any size, in any room of your house where you feel comfortable. It can take on any shape or form – so there is no failing at it. Here you can have a collection of items that hold significance to you; stones, candles, writings, images, tarot cards, feathers, things someone has given you… They can vary in size from a couple of items on a window sill to a large decorative display – you see, it is your space, so you create it how you want to. Only you can give meaning to it! Altars are a place that offer quiet, calm. They are a place of reflection and meditation and a great place to conduct meaningful positive rituals. Rituals where you are able to collect your thoughts, move through struggles, set intentions, call in your higher power of positive healing. Right on! Who doesn’t want that? I can’t believe I went so long without one!!!

How to Create Your Own Altar or Sacred Space? download-5

So, where do you start? Well. That is just it. Start. I was reminded about the power of an altar when I most recently was introduced to the most amazing Gabriel Godwyne – who will also be attending and sharing his positive vibes, clairvoyant nature and powerful stones/crystals at our Vermont September retreat (learn more about Gabriel CLICK HERE!)   A simple gem offering, turned into a healing session, and the real creation/resurrection of my altar; My sacred space of connection.

There I was reminded that there is no reason to be daunted by the idea of creating an altar – and also no fear in not doing it correctly – more over of it’s necessity. Nobody is going to be able to tell you what you NEED on or for it. It is you, your intuition that will tell you, what stones or items of significance speak to you, what location in your home is best for you. Join us in Vermont, & while on retreat you will find that quiet space to hear, Gabriel as he shares his stones will encourage you. He will say: “ask yourself – what is it that you need, what is no longer serving you, what are calling you?”… touch them, feel them, connect, find a place at home and put them there. TRUE! The answers are already in you…

Your altar or sacred space, can be as simple as a collection of a few meaningful objects. You may have stones already at home, feathers, note cards -really whatever holds meaning for you is perfect… Your altar is fluid and will never be finished, so it doesn’t have to be “perfect”. That might help you start it – it did me 😉 too.

5 Steps to Create Your Own Altar

On retreat this September the 19th-24th in Vermont (Book your space here) we will spend time on this topic, the creation of an altar,  Gabriel will have his stones there too –  but why wait? Its fluid right?! After retreat you can always add too! SO – without delay here are a few steps for you to take, to get your golden space set up and get back to your TRUE YOU! I love my space, and you will too –

  1. Decide what the purpose of your altar will be. Here are some ideas: memorial altar, meditation altar, goals altar, and ritual altar, but any loving purpose you desire will work. For me it is simply MY ALTAR. and each day the intention may shift a bit..
  2. Choose a space that fits the theme of the altar. If you’re creating a meditation altar you’ll want to place it somewhere that you’ll have uninterrupted quiet. For a memorial altar it was important for me to have mine somewhere that I could easily see it and could have privacy. And yes! You can have multiple altars, you can have one that serves multiple purposes – get it? You create the rules, how great is that!?!
  3. Clear the space (optional). Though it’s not a necessity, it is nice to clear the space of your altar. Do this with sage or incense of your choice – if you are not a Birkenstock hippie, or maybe it just too wooo wooo for you to begin with. Sit, be quiet, envision a protective circle around your space, cast a white light or whatever feels ‘clear’ to you – no incense necessary. Yes, again, you make the rules 😉 pretty cool..
  4. Select your items for the altar. Find items that you’re drawn to, and that fit the theme of your altar. If you’re making an altar for reaching your goals consider researching crystals that are good for goal-setting. If you’re creating a ritual altar consider what items you might need to create your rituals. Don’t stress on the ‘perfect’ items. Open your intuition. Set the intention and I promise those items will come to you!
  5. Arrange your items and make a commitment to spend a little bit of time each day with your altar. Spending time with your altar can be as simple as looking at it in passing or simply touching an item on it for a moment. I found that daily contact of some sort with my altars has been helpful. A morning meditation – a five minute calm and centering can make all the difference in the universe just knowing how to, work with you!
  6. Of course, since we are sticking to the vibe of anything goes – its your altar after all 😉 – if you want to, you can get more elaborate. Spending the time on the design of your altar if that is you. Go for it! The good thing to remember is that your altar is an extension of your soul and from person to person, maybe from time to time in your life, they’ll vary greatly in size, style and appearance – have I said enough times? there’s really no wrong way to do it ;). So until I see you in September, Here are a couple favorite Etsy shops for altars and altar pieces to go to  FUN – get started YAHOO in the creation of a space special FOR YOU!
  • Ritual Tools: The Ritual Store

TRUE NORTH FALL FOLIAGE RETREAT, Vermont September 19-24 2017.  We’re excited to share with you – peak fall foliage, the best hiking in area, brilliant yoga/fitness/pilates classes, connected community, beyond amazing plant based foods, education and wellness discussions, a team of powerful healers, and the most importantly the resurrection of TRUE YOU!

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