THE MOUNTAINS ARE CALLING AND I 'MUST' GO… by now, yes, you know Vermont is healing!

I  just had a friend move back to Vermont from Japan – and she, like we all do, said, “oh man it is so good to be back in the mountains…I can breathe again!!! Did you know the Japanese have a word for, that cleansing feeling we get here in The Green Mountains – “forest bathing”? It is shinrin-yoku.”

By now, you can imagine from the translation, it just means losing yourself ( as you would in a bath) in the forest while enjoying the air, the scents, the vegetation and the sounds of birds and animals that live there. Makes total sense, and puts words to how we all feel once we are here, how you will feel when you join us on retreat this July ! … but did you know, in addition to that general feeling of wellbeing – that there are some additional, real health benefits from being in the mountains?!  YES !! – Apart from the obvious ones like getting fresh air and exercise, ( the forest bathing) there are studies that show that a walk in the forest or a park with lots of trees may be the healthiest thing you can do.  Read more about that here:  and then make your plans to visit us in July  or September for Fall foliage. and we will share some Green Mountain Goodness!! 

Here in Vermont, at The Killington Mountain Lodge and True North Retreats, we get it, we live the mountain lifestyle and and are so excited to share that feeling of wellness – that Shinrin-yoku VERMONT STYLE with you! be it in the yoga room, over a fresh farm to table meal or out on a hike deep in the Green Mountains together we got you! Remember, we are perfectly positioned in south central Vermont for some of this hiking goodness,  while on retreat with us, we head out daily for a dose of mountain wellness,  but if you are coming for a stay at The Killington Mountain Lodge in between our adventures or on a solo trip, know that finding your bliss is right out our front door. No need for multiple maps or a long drive. Let us make this easy for you!

Below you will find a list of our favorite hikes, all which all start right at the base of Killington – steps, yes steps from The Killington Mountain Lodge & True North’s front door. Pick the one that looks good to you – easy to challenging – and know once you get to the top there is always the option to take the gondola down too! ***Trail Maps available at the base of Killington AND at our front desk as you check in which will familiarize you with the names of the trails below!

We’re excited for Summer, by now I am sure you are too!  – REMEMBER TO BOOK YOUR ESCAPE NOW – see YOU soon July is right around the corner!

GREEN MOUNTAIN HIKING from the base of Killington! 

A) EASIER: Most of these trails are relatively short (less than two miles long) with only a few steep pitches and many flat or gentle sections where you can catch your breath. The vertical climb is normally less than 700 feet.B) MODERATE: Most trails rated “Moderate” are less than three miles long. They climb fairly continuously uphill with occasional“rest” sections. Steep pitches are common. The vertical climb is normally between 700 and 1,500 feet. You may want to plan ahalf to full day for the round trip and allow for frequent rest stops,depending on your physical condition.C)  DIFFICULT: Trails rated “Difficult” tend to be longer than three miles with vertical climbs exceeding 1,500 feet.There are very few “rest” sections. These trails have very steep gradients and will not be appropriate for everyone. Be aware and hike accordingly.

Flume 1.1 mi 1,640 ft 

The most direct way to climb to Killington Peak from K-1 Lodge is to follow the K-1 Express Gondola line up Flume and Cascade ski trails.Flume has been an old standard for intrepid “peak baggers” for years. Not recommended for solitude seekers or for hiking down.

Canyon Loop 1.3 mi 280 ft A

Starting at the K-1 Lodge this easier loop takes you into the Canyon area of the resort and the head waters of the Roaring Brook. The trail combines work road, grassy ski trail and woods.

Warbler 2.0 mi 1,640 ft B

This is a moderate walk linking K-1 Lodge and Killington Peak. It follows a gravel work road where you may encounter mountain bikers and vehicles, so please keep to the side of the work road. This trail is a more open hiking experience offering grand views and interesting features.

Wildlands 2.2 mi 1,640 ft A

A true wilderness experience, this beautiful, many-featured nature trail crosses ski trails that afford incredible views of the surrounding mountains. Near the top it crosses mountain bike trails and connects to the Peak Walkway.

Ramshead 2.3 mi 1,230 ft B

This varied route, mostly on a ski trail, offering spectacular views of Snowdon and Ramshead Mountains.

Alpine 1.3 mi 220 ft B

This is an alternate route to the upper section of Wild lands. Following a ski trail for much of its length, it is more open than Wild lands and has amazing views from the top of Superstar Express Quad. Watch out for the mountain bikers who share this route and keep to the side.

Moraine 1.3 mi 580 ft A

The Moraine Trail from Snowshed Lodge to the top of SnowshedSlope ascends a gentle slope from Snowshed Pond, through wooded and glacial moraine before joining the Wild lands Trail.

Pond Loop 0.7 mi 20 ft A

This is a short, easy loop around Snowshed Pond that takes in some hardwood forest, grassy trail and a pedestrian bridge. It starts and ends at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel.

Summit 0.2 mi 200 ft A

Whether you’re finishing a power hike up Flume, starting a more leisurely expedition down Warbler or Wildlands, or finishing a ride up the K-1 Express Gondola, this is a trail not to be missed, especially ona calm, clear day. From Killington’s bare rock summit, the panoramic views of the Adirondack, Taconic, Green and White Mountain Ranges and the valleys of Vermont are memorable, as are the many features around the treeline.

Fern Woods 0.8 mi 60 ft A

Pleasant traverse through the lower Snowdon woods and lowerSqueeze Play woods of Ramshead. You will encounter two small stream crossings while viewing the beautiful woods of the area as youtraverse from Snowdon to Ramshead.

Blue Jay 1.3 mi 160 ft A

This easy, lower-elevation trail that primarily follows work roads makes a nice loop when connected with the G and H trails.