The Importance of Sleep? What… you don't remember when you did that .. read on!

Just go to bed, everything is going to seem better in the morning…
Makes sense. Sounds easy. I can remember my dad saying this to me, over and over and over  – and he was right.. Regular periods of sleep are key to a healthy body and a clear mind as it is during sleep that your body renews itself. It also creates a touch more positive perspective.. Why is it that I struggle to shut down and get it, that I feel like I need permission to do it (lol) ? Why is it that when we go on retreat this is my favorite part of the trip? Log out, shut down, I actually allow, myself to reboot a bit. June, July, September, Vermont – the best sleep ever? I am, and I  know you too are –  certainly ready for it !

But sleep on retreat, even though it is luxurious is not enough for the year at large and If you are like me,  when life gets busy, sleep IS,  the first activity that (I) we sacrifice and I am trying not to do that. Work less and achieve more is my moto for 2017 and that includes sleeping [ a little bit 😉 ]

Considered a luxury by many busy people – including me – I am changing that mindset. So, when life is pulling at you, remember,  sleep is actually as vital to sustaining a balanced life as are breathing, eating, and drinking. Getting sufficient sleep can be a potent energizer, just as not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling drained and sluggish. While eight hours is the average amount of sleep most adults should generally aim for, the right amount of sleep varies for each person. Some people may thrive on just four hours, while others don’t feel well rested unless they’ve slept for ten hours. How much we sleep also varies, depending upon where we are in life. Young people often need more sleep, while older people may need less. The benefits of sleep however always stay the same. Regular and consistent periods of wakefulness and sleep are key ingredients to fostering a healthy body and a clear mind. It is during sleep that your body renews itself, and by now, I am ready for that!

So., go and get it –  how exactly do we do it? Here are a few tips that are helping me.. hope they help you til I see you on retreat too:

  1. Get the Sleep You Need. Get the Sleep You Need repeat and then do it. Add a few hours on to be sure of it. YOU deserve it.
  2. Develop a Sleep Routine. Yes, it is important to find one and follow it
  3. Move It! Move It! Exercise helps rebalance your sleep/wake cycles – Bikram Yoga is great for this!
  4. Change Your Diet. Lighten up, even if just a little bit… Don’t eat after 8:00pm
  5. Don’t Smoke. Geeze – this will help a lot, not just sleep. Put that s**** out!
  6. Say “No” to a Nightcap. ( most times..)
  7. Black out. Get all the light in the room out
  8. Remove…. the cell phone/lap top/computer/tv from the bedroom ( I know – this is a biggie…)
  9. Learn to meditate. Do it.  You will not imagine how you lived without it.
  10. Hog the Bed. Yep. Love that! Go for it!