Oodles of ZOODLES and LIVE PESTO to die for!

I have to tell you, Its hard once the Spring starts to get me out of the garden, even harder to get me out of the kitchen.. but after meeting so many of you on retreat this Summer from Hawaii to Napa to Vermont and beyond – I can hear you all saying..” when’s the book coming 😉 !!!” lol…so lets get it going!

You’ve inspired me to start the sharing, sit down, get back to writing down what exactly this is – the  goodness that flows through me in the kitchen. The question of where to start …sharing…hm.. the beginning? oh so boring.. (lol) so like the good gemini I am – lets simply start with what I am enjoying (today) and when the book comes out yes, THAT will start from the beginning ;)!

OODLES OF ZOODLES AND PESTO TO DIE FOR  – It’s a crowd pleaser, a detoxifier, a weight reducer, a hydrator. It is a de-puff-er (your eyes and body) your rings will fit better, your metabolism will run smoother, your skin will glow brighter, you will sleep ( true!) … one day on retreat you will be WOW i feel a heck of a lot better! and while the garden is in bloom we can make a ton of this pesto, enjoy mounds of zucchini, freeze the leftover sauce  and have it ready for you to enjoy not only on retreat but literally all through the Winter. More fun facts about Zucchini click here

So today, and often on retreat we toss it with – not pasta – but Zoodles ( zucchini noodles) , we add a scoop to gazpacho the next day, smear it on a fresh cut tomato to take away, we thin it with water and toss the salad with it.. yes basil, this pesto, Its kind of like a retreat mainstay.

Enjoy!! psssst. it dairy free mind you – but keep that to yourself… you really wouldn’t know it! 😉


1/2 C Coconut H20

2-3 Cloves garlic

1/3 C Lemon juice

1/2 t s Salt; pinches of pepper to taste

1 T Nutritional yeast

1C  Soaked Walnuts

1 C Packed basil

2T Olive Oil

Place the walnuts in a bowl of water and soak for an hour ( if you are running late you can… skip this) Drain, & combine everything in the food processor & pulse – adding the coco water last to desired thickness, salt and pepper to taste.

**I tend to have a heavy hand with the garlic 😉  & sometimes add a handful of spinach or kale to beef up the goodness. It is also fun to do 100% arugula to add a little spicy-ness! Play with it – its all good stuff! Swap out the walnuts with pine nuts – your choice!

** ENJOY! Toss with veggie noodles using a cheese grater, a veggie peeler or a Spiralizer, thin for a salad dressing, spread on crackers or fresh sliced tomatoes; reserve a scoop on top of minestrone or gazpacho soup! Left overs freeze in ice cube containers for later! YUM! Happy Friday everyone — lets go make some!