Come alive every adventure as you tap into the true elements of lifestyle medicine: the stellar silence of nature, peace of daily meditation, laughter & the joy of connected community interaction, movement, adventure & interactive wellness education.

Situated in the most breathtaking locations, experience comfortable luxury, accessible, gourmet plant based nutrition. Return to a life free from stress, disease & needless pain.  Access your own intuition getting back on track with the life you were meant to be living!

Welcome, welcome back.

Welcome to your True North.


Feel Alive! Join us for an Active, Healthy, Total Wellness Adventure BOOK NOW



We love food! We love locally sourced, plant based, nutrient rich, mouthwatering fun food that looks and tastes amazing! Food that is properly combined so that it gives you energy instead of drains you. Meals that are easy to prepare so when you head home you are able to keep feeling as good as you do when you are with us too.



When you join us at TRUE NORTH, you will laugh, learn, loosen up and then laugh some more!  Join us for adventure, wellness, weight loss or some of everything and walk away with more than you could ever imagine – a new like minded community you always can tap into.


Each day you are with us, a variety of activities are available, including access to life changing massage and wellness treatments, meditation sessions, yoga, fitness classes, hiking and other outdoor adventures.

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Wherever you join us - in breathtaking landscape of Vermont’s Green Mountains, on the shores of Maui Hawaii or Rincon Puerto Rico, our True North home base’s have the comfortable luxury you crave, as well as everything you may need to relax, renew and rediscover how it is to feel the way you want to; Amazingly new.

Feel Alive! Join us for an Active, Healthy, Total Wellness Adventure BOOK NOW


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